My portfolio includes articles, books, and software I have contributed to, as well as openly available educational resources I have created.

PSYC 360 - Understanding Prejudice

An undergraduate-level course that focuses on psychological research and theories that increase our understanding of stereotypes, prejudice, and intergroup relations.

PSYC 304 - Statistics

An undergraduate-level course on the fundamentals of statistics and hypothesis testing.

Deceptive communication in group contexts

A book chapter discussing why groups tend to behave more unethically compared to individuals in the same situations. We also describe when groups would be more (vs. less) likley to use deception.

Group decision-making

A book chapter summarizing the current state of the field concerning group decision making. We use two dimensions to organize and explore group decision strategies: (1) the degree of information exchange among group members, and (2) how the final decision is made.

Learning while deciding in groups

A book chapter summarizing the group decision making literature, describing when and how group decision making facilitates learning.